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Atie El Mouallem – Financial Advisor

Dr. Atie J El Mouallem is managing portfolios of UHNW individuals, private entities, family offices & companies. Dr. handles banking relations, with the aim to grow the portfolio and route business to Lebanon and UAE. He is passionate about using technology to improve corporate governance. He dreams of achieving a corruption free Lebanon. His recent interest are blockchain, cryptocurrency, data analytics and AI.

Mohamad Fakih - Management & Financial Consulting

Mohamad is a specialist in audit and financial management with over 20 years of experience in high level business environments, tenacious with a proven track record working for international firms his broad knowledge of a wide range of practices which includes; credit control, budget handling and forecasting. Mohamad got first appointed by KPMG to handle external auditing then moved into financial management and internal audit career for AWI, a group of 13 companies covering more than 27 business lines.